As one of the top companies in the web design space Dev2Host has the resources and competency to be a client-first organization. For us, the client experience is paramount. That means it is a top priority that our customers never feel like they are out of the loop and left to wonder what’s happening on their account or frustrated because they aren’t being provided the level of service they deserve.

Our team puts emphasis on strong communication and organization starting with the onboarding process all the way through the point of delivering everything you need for a great website. We are here to surpass the status quo and deliver the highest possible tier of service.

How We Stay Organized

At Dev2Host we use a powerful project management tool called wbTeamPro to assist us in ensuring that we’re operating at a premium standard. This tool helps us simplify processes like organizing projects, managing our workload, and reviewing daily activities and upcoming deadlines so that we can be sure we never keep a client waiting.

As a bonus, we use the project management system to integrate with our clients’ front-end for access to project materials. You have the ability to check what stage we’re at in the process so you can follow along while we build your website. You’ll rest easy knowing everything is on the right track. We have an excellent team who knows how to work effectively and efficiently so there is a perfect balance between great work and satisfied customers.

The Process

It all starts with a phone call. We provide a free consultation to make sure we’re a good fit, but we really want to get on the phone with you to be able to connect in a way that gives us proper insight into your world. We use this opportunity for a deep dive to learn where your most vital needs lie, what specific expectations you have, and even the things you want to be completely avoided so we can steer clear of any obvious mistakes from the get-go. The better we know our customers the happier we can make them with the work we produce.

Then we use everything we’ve learned from you on our call to develop an exciting proposal and scope of work. We send it to you for your approval and as soon as you agree to it, we can get started. Next, we go through a research phase, then writing and designing. For larger projects we break it into milestones, otherwise, we’ll set a date for your project to be completed and stay in touch until it’s delivered to you in full.

If there happen to be any concerns, special scenarios, or hiccups along the way, we’re just a phone call away to make certain that everything is on target. Finally, we deliver you a website that is centered around driving organic traffic and helping your business succeed. Measuring results is our bread and butter, so we’ll keep you informed with data and analytics that help you achieve your objectives. We look forward to working with you!

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