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cPanel create Team User Tutorial

cPanel Team Users

cPanel is the most widely used control panel for web hosting. Take control using the new cPanel Team User configuration.

Team Users

When a team owner creates a team user account, the system creates a virtual MySQL user account for that team user. The status of each MySQL user account will correspond to the status of the team user account. If a team owner deletes, suspends, or reinstates a team user, the system will also delete, suspend, or reinstate the associated MySQL user account.

Before creating a new team user, here are some options from the Roles menu that you must know when you assign roles to a team user. These roles are a set of features, files, or tasks that a team user can use.

Please take note that if you do not assign roles to a team user, that team user will only be able to edit their personal account preferences. Team users with Email and Web roles will have MySQL user accounts, but they won’t be able to access phpMyAdmin.

cPanel Team Users

To create a team user, click Create Team User in the List Team table (cPanel > Home > Preferences Manage Team)A new interface will appear that will display various settings for a team user, such as their username, password, role, and other settings.

If the Manage Team feature does not appear, you may ask your system administrator to enable it in WHM’s Feature Manager Interface (WHM > Home > Package > Feature Manager).

Here are the following steps on how to create a new team user:

Fill in the form. You will need to input the following details:

The user’s Name
The account username
The domain. If you have multiple domains, you can specify the exact domains the user can access.
The email address where the user can be contacted.
You can also choose to let the user create their own password or you can provide them with one. If you let the user set their own password, they will be sent an email with instructions on how to do this. If you set the password, a dialog box will open where you can generate a random password or input one that you want.
cPanel Teams
Select the desired options from the roles menu on which role to assign to a team user.
Click the 'I have read and understood the security risk warning.'

In the Security Settings section, you can enter the expiration information of the new team user. The expiration setting suspends the account on the specified date in the future. If desired, select a date from the Expire On In the Expire Reason text box, enter a reason for the expiration. The text box can contain up to 100 characters. This text box is optional.

Click Create to create the new team user and return to the Manage Team The system will automatically send an activation email to the new team user. You can also click Go Back to cancel this action and return to the Manage Team interface.

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