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How is your Website's SEO Score?

Are you struggling to reach your target market effectively? Look no further because here at Dev2host, we can help you build a solid online presence, which is crucial to boosting your business and reaching new customers throughout the web. Dev2host offers SEO Services such as Content Blogging, Social Media Marketing, etc.

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Why Blog?

Posting blogs consistently is one of the best ways to get your company noticed. Online business owners seek to connect customers through various channels, and a blog can lead them to your doorstep and keep them engaged. So, the next time they need a product or service that your company offers, you’ll be on top of their minds.
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What is Content Blogging?

Content Blogging

It is an article specifically written for your company, which is also known as Business Blogging. Business Blogging is a platform or regular feature wherein you can publish articles, information, and news about a company’s products and services. Blogging is one of the most effective Marketing Strategies that online marketing specialists and business owners use to gain and improve online exposure.

Benefits of Content Blogging

Cost Effective

Compared to the many other forms of traditional advertising, maintaining a blog is cost-efficient while offering long-term returns on investment. If done and executed well, a single blog post can continue generating traffic for years after it was initially published.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Customers trust what is familiar to them. By delivering informative posts that are tailored to your target audience’s needs and interests, your blog is one way to build familiarity with your customers and soon foster loyalty and trust among them. This makes them more likely to purchase your products and services or recommend them to others as well.

Drive Traffic to your Website

One advantage of Content blogging is its ability to elevate a website’s search engine ranking. Creating fresh and relevant content for readers and posting blogs frequently and consistently helps your business increase website traffic.

Attract new customers to your business

Do you research online before buying a product or service? Then probably you use Google or other search engines to research before purchasing anything, whether big or small.

Finding an informative blog on something that you are researching first can help sway your decision and ultimately become a factor in your purchase.

The key to business blogging that drives traffic is to create blogs with SEO best practices in mind. Your content should be centered around the keywords of your blog that will rank well, and that will pull in the leads that you want. If you do all this regularly, the better results you’ll see and you’ll start drawing in serious traffic to your business.
Content Blogging and SEO
Our SEO Specialists understand your online business needs to improve its ranking for SEO. Blogging can significantly help increase your reach to potential customers, and it can successfully help build your business’s online presence.

What You get

Each blog will be at least 1000-2000 words. The longer the content, the more it is to rank higher in search engine searches.
Each blog post includes up to 3 edited images per post/blog.
Before writing a blog, we will first conduct keyword research, this is an important process of finding words or phrases that your target customers often type into search engines, and which is also vital to get your business found online by your target audience.

How We Do It

We will write unique content for blogs that are specifically incorporated with relevant SEO keywords to make customers find your business quickly and easily through search engines. This will provide you with a substantial advantage over your business competitors.

Every blog we write is unique, and our screening algorithm detects if the content has been plagiarized. Blogs are subject to the Client’s approval and there will be no extra costs for the revision of the blog.
Content Blogging

What you need to know

Our Specialists will work closely with you, to understand your business goals and strategize the steps needed to take. Before writing a blog, we will perform a keyword analysis to determine which critical keyword phrases make the most sense for your business and which ones are being used by the search engines most often.

Before writing a blog, we will first conduct extensive research on the subject matter before carefully proceeding to Keyword research and strategy.

The Client may suggest the blog’s topic, or what images to go with the blog. After writing the blog, our specialist will then send the draft to the client for approval and then post the blog.