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WordPress Web Design

Located in Denver, Colorado, we are a Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting Agency. Our expertise lies in crafting high-performance WordPress websites and providing optimized hosting solutions for WordPress.
WordPress Website Design & Web Hosting Plans

Why Use WordPress

WordPress stands out as a user-friendly platform with a diverse range of themes and plugins, making it adaptable for various website needs. Supported by a large community, it offers valuable assistance through forums and tutorials. Its SEO-friendly nature, coupled with regular updates, ensures websites remain current and optimized for search engines.

WordPress Website Security

We take pride in prioritizing WordPress security and the protection of your valuable data.

Free SSL Certificates For All Sites

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates encrypt the data transmitted between a user's browser and the website's server. This encryption ensures that sensitive information, such as login credentials, personal details, and payment information, remains confidential and protected from potential eavesdroppers or hackers.

Secure Code

At dev2host, security is paramount. Our WordPress code practices prioritize robust protection against vulnerabilities, ensuring a resilient digital environment. Regular updates, stringent access controls, and vigilant monitoring are integral to our approach

Web Server Security

We deploy a multi-layered defense for your website's security. Our cPanel firewall shields against unauthorized access, while ModSecurity adds an extra layer by blocking malicious activities and potential threats.
"We count on dev2host for our secure online applications and websites and for our web development and maintenance as well. They monitor our online presence at all times to ensure 100% uptime. They are courteous, friendly and understand what is needed to be successful online. dev2host are dedicated to keeping their online operations secure and it’s a pleasure to work with them."

Plan For Success



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Contact us if you need help chosing a domain name or web hosting. We will be happy to assist you with this important decision.
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(Approx. 1 -2 weeks)
Gather high-quality images, videos, and multimedia elements that should align with your brand. Incorporate a distinct logo, consistent fonts, and a cohesive color scheme for branding. Organize assets systematically, so you can present them to your dev2host project manager.


Your Dev2Host project manager will actively gather feedback to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of your new website. Throughout the design journey, our collaborative efforts ensure that your website not only meets but surpasses expectations, adhering to industry standards for optimal performance and an outstanding user experience.


Your dedicated Dev2Host project manager will unveil your freshly designed website, collect valuable feedback, and refine it for optimal performance before the official launch. The timeline for this process may vary, typically spanning a few weeks, contingent on the organization of the presented assets.


We will launch your new website and optimize on-page elements with strategic keywords. Ensure a responsive design, efficient sitemap submission, and use analytics for post-launch performance monitoring. Optimize load times through image compression and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy involving social media and email campaigns.