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DSFRC Testimonial

Website Testimonial

DEV2HOST has been an irreplaceable asset in the website development and implementation of our nonprofit organization. Their willingness to provide us with what needed while our budget was small, to the full scale upgrade when our budget expanded, as well as their continued support has proven the bottom line is not their only concern! Innovative design and creative programming have allowed us to improve our fundraising capabilities. The best website hosting company available.

Greg Rhodes / President


OndaLive Streaming Testimonial

Dev2host- Thank you so much for your work on OndaLive!
We appreciate your work in presenting a quality live stream event!

Le Gourmet Culinary

Woo eCommerce Website - LeGourmet Culinary

Our cooking school has been around a while and had relied on the most commonly-used online pre-packaged reservation system to sell cooking classes. While that system worked well, it limited our ability to control various aspects of how our customers viewed and used our site.
There was a single available calendar view with a terribly ugly design, and the system only allowed limited access to our customer data, preventing us from easily designing a proprietary, in-house system and taking our business elsewhere. The company that provided the service was also super slow in responding to help requests. It was frustrating!

We'd started a redesign of our website with a web developer, but due to the complications of importing the customer database from seven years of operation, and the developer's inability to understand our needs, we'd put the project on hold. That developer suddenly, and without notice stopped hosting our site, and essentially shut our business down. I was frightened and stressed. We quickly reached out for recommendations for someone to get us up and running and back to selling classes, and thankfully found dev2host.

Dev2host jumped into action and quickly wrested our hosting away from the other designer, created a temporary webpage with a clean look and effective operation and got all of our most important links to our reservation system up-and-running literally within hours.

Then we mapped out a plan for a new website with a Wordpress-based sales system where we could have 100% control over site functionality and user experience. Dev2host did all of this work quickly, efficiently, and with a great attitude. Most importantly, they listened to us; they asked good questions and listened to our needs and preferences instead of pushing us to solutions that would be easiest for them. While it hasn't been 100% glitch-fee, as I truly believe that would have been impossible knowing the difficulty of pulling in seven years of prior sales details, the process has been easy and smooth, with none of the nightmare scenarios I'd imagined. Any issues that did arise were solved very quickly, with the very few emergencies that did come up handled immediately, no matter when they occurred.

The website is running smoothly now, and we are making improvements that help us lower labor costs, and reduce the number of emails and phone calls we receive, as customers are more easily able to see how to do things on their own on the site.

Soon, we'll add a sales page for our cookware store. Dev2host is the only company I'd use to get that done for us.


Mitchell Frieder

Retail Energy Now Testimonial

Website Testimonial

I have been a customer of Dev2host for more than five years. Dev2host, with the help of their skilled program designers, built me a website that has exceeded my expectations. I have experienced nothing but the best support, web hosting, and email hosting. I would gladly refer anyone to utilize their capabilities and services

Steven Brooks

Southern Therapies Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Since switching our business website hosting from GoDaddy to dev2host we have had years of trouble free web hosting. Dev2host are always there when we call and the only time we have needed support has been to setup new email accounts or when we need website updates. Our website always loads quickly and I highly recommend these guys. When we started hosting here our site jumped up in the search engines too. Thanks! Cathy Searle, Southern Therapies School

Cathy Searle

Martha Stoneburner

Working with Dev2host has been excellent.

Their customer service and attention to detail is outstanding. Dev2host is responsive, attentive, supportive with excellent expertise. Very knowledgeable and quickly answers all my questions and resolves my problems. I only have positive praise!

Martha Stoneburner

Curiositotrium Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Dev2Host is our go-to hosting and development solution company on every count: Excellent and friendly service, fast platform, fantastic tech-support and real dollar-for-dollar value against the any other host, you simply can’t beat these guys. Moving to a Dev2Host server is the best choice we made for our own hosting and its one of the first recommendations we make to all our new clients—for speed, support, genuine security and ease of development—it’s a winning choice. Just do it, you’ll be glad you did.

Deane Sutic

All Trades 4 You Testimonial

AllTrades4you - Website Testimonial

As the owner of, I couldn’t be more please with the ease of setting up our website! From design to development DEV2HOST made the entire process painless. I would recommend them to all in need of website hosting and website development.



Website Testimonial

Without doubt, one of the most talented programmers out there. I always go back to Jerry when I'm out of my depth and he's never failed to deliver what I ask for. Smart, trustworthy and professional guy. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a website or web services. We'll be using for any further web based services we require. Simply the best web hosting around. Looking forward to working with dev2host into the future. Thank you dev2host and Jerry!~

Novem /Senior Outsourcing Manager
Global Impact Sourcing


NWC Naturals Testimonial

eCommerce Website - NWC

Dev2host has been key to my success as a web reseller of supplements for both families and the pets. From design to web security, Dev2host has been my complete web solution. I rely on Dev2Host for all my development and hosting needs for nearly 50 websites. Security, shopping carts, debugging and web graphic design, Dev2Host handles everything perfectly and has for over 14 years.

John Taylor Testimonial

Website Testimonial

I’ve had my own domain and website for my scientific consulting business for about 25 years. I wrote the HTML myself and found a small "husband and wife" ISP to host it on servers at their house. I loved being able to simply call them up and chat when I was having a problem. Unfortunately for me, over the years they migrated their business to being a sales point for ISP service from one of the very large internet companies and offloaded nearly all support services to the corporate giant. A few years ago I had a particularly tricky problem involving several domains I owned and it became a nightmare, to the point where I simply gave up, stopped updating my website and did not use it in my business. dev2host has taken me back to those happy days when I had a personal relationship with the people who could explain exactly why things worked as they did (or not) and solve most problems promptly. Jerry showed me how to set up my website using WordPress so that I now have much greater functionality and I’m serving information I never would have attempted with my rudimentary HTML skills. I also needed to provide access to my website for scientists in countries that are routinely blocked by most ISPs but Jerry found and implemented a service specifically for my domain that solved the problem. All that, and it is les expensive than the “Big Box ISP” I was stuck with before. Brilliant!

Eric Bergman, Owner

Power Quality Professionals, LLC

Power Quality Professional LLCs

We have worked with other web development companies in the past and only got average results. Dev2Host was the first company for us to provide a professional website with all the things we had asked for. They are very flexible and easy to work with, often going above and beyond. We highly recommend Dev2Host.

Timothy Gruber | Director of Marketing

Sound Lab Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Having worked with dev2host on many projects over at least the last 25 years, I have always found them to be one of the most talented, dedicated and honest people I have ever done business with. I have been using Dev2host for my hosting needs since 2015 and have constantly received impeccable service and support. I highly recommend Dev2host.Nobody does it better.

Bill Hutchins

3Kilo Photography Testimonial

3Kilo photograpgy - Website Testimonial

Dev2host has been a delight to work with. My website has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have been treated with respect and patience. Lots of patience ! My input and wishes have been more than met with. Quality product and quality people with fair pricing. What a novel concept in this day and age. I highly recommend Dev2host to anyone looking for a quality website and experience !

Robert Eppers

Iron House Gym Inc.

eCommerce Website - Supplements

I highly recommend Dev2host. I have been with them for a short period of time and having been in business for almost 30 yrs they are a pleasure to work with. If there happens to be any issue, they are right on the problem. They also offer very competitive pricing. I only wish I had known about them long ago.

Bob Vasquez


Website Testimonial from

The dev2host team have been a pleasure to work with!

They are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about web development and what not. I highly recommend Dev2Host as a partner for anyone who values their website.

Erin Nichols

NWC Pet Testimonial

eCommerce Website - NWC

Dev2host has been key to my success as a web reseller of supplements for both families and the pets. From design to web security, Dev2host has been my complete web solution. I rely on Dev2Host for all my development and hosting needs for nearly 50 websites. Security, shopping carts, debugging and web graphic design, Dev2Host handles everything perfectly and has for over 14 years.

John Taylor

Global Impact Sourcing Testimonial

Website Testimonial

I have have worked with Jerry at dev2host for over the past 15+ years through multiple companies I have either formed or consulted. There is no other company I would ever consider using for all my hosting needs. Jerry is the most knowledgeable in the field and is extremely diligent in getting back to you if you ever need anything. I still am stuck with another hosting company with one of my other companies and it continues to be the worse experience, so I am very happy to have such a great relationship with Dev2Host.
I have several websites and database software programs hosted with Dev2Host and the experience has been beyond expectations.
Thank you Dev2host and Jerry for taking such good care of us. We look forward to doing much more business in the future.

Dean Toro
Global Impact Sourcing

Dean Toro

QEnergySpa Footbath

Review dev2host

Jerry has been great to work with. Excellent tech support and customer service!
Dev2Host answers my questions and solves problems within hours, if not minutes.
All this at a reasonable and fair price. Thank you.

Debbie Allen

Janice A. Ramsay ALC Testimonial

Website Testimonial

I am delighted to endorse dev2host for their outstanding service in providing secure email services, web design and hosting. I have worked with dev2host for over 14 years and the organization has consistently delivered excellent results for my Business. They provide rapid and responsive service, backed up with in-depth technical support. They are always there and always available. I have no hesitation in firmly recommending dev2host as your web and communications provider.

Attorney & Property Insurance Expert Witness
Janice A. Ramsay ALC

Janice A. Ramsay ALC

Highlands Classics Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Dev2Host built our website for my company Highlands Classics Ltd and I was extremely impressed with the outcome. dev2host looks after all the necessary maintenance for us now in addition to upgrades and inclusions. As they are efficient and highly professional I would not recommend anyone else to do the job, the results for my company speak for themselves. I recommend Dev2Host to all my associates in the business world.

Phil Yates

Genesis Background Screening Testimonial

Website Testimonial

SecureNet Protection Services has been under contract with dev2host for several years. We count on them for our secure online applications and websites and for our web development and maintenance as well. They monitor our online presence at all times to ensure 100% uptime. They are courteous, friendly and understand what is needed to be successful online. dev2host are dedicated to keeping their online operations secure and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

David Katzenmeyer

10th Mountain Division Foundation testimonial

Dev2Host is efficient, highly professional and very knowledgeable about all our hosting and IT needs. The team has been incredibly responsive for immediate issues and projects in general. They took on our website that was not performing optimally and had been hacked, fixed it and improved needed areas as well as helped navigate updates and technical issues. There hasn’t yet been a question posed that they couldn’t answer. They helped with our email marketing integration and offer insights on ways to optimize our web presence. It’s been a great partnership with a terrific team.

Amy Dougherty

Warrior Labs Testimonial

Website Testimonial

I want to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU for all the amazing work and great attitude over the past 15 years. My clients and I truly appreciate the extra efforts and attention to detail you have and continue to deliver. The web and e-mail hosting, the web designers, developers and creative strategies have been nothing short of Stellar !!! Keep up the amazing work. Best Wishes for 2020

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

House of Prayers for All Peoples

dev2host testimonial review

We are absolutely thrilled with the work of dev2host. Top notch.
Great communication, great knowledge and wonderful people.

Alan Bachman

Project Build Testimonial

Website Testimonial

It is important that we have a website that reflects our services and presents the level of commitment we have to our customers. It has been fabulous to have dev2host there to portray those on our web site. The bonus, that dev2host has the same commitment to their customers that we have! Always there to answer questions, solve inane security or software problems we may have and to be proactive in coaching us to update or modify to new approaches is beyond our expectations. dev2host is a winner!

Tom Spence

SPS Pro Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Dev2Host has completely upped our game for training.

Dev2Host developed and designed a website that helps us provide individual custom training for our clients and employees. The membership management and groups have worked very well for us, making it possible to have private training that is common to all clients as well as custom individualized pages. Dev2Host is an overall a solution company. We don’t have anyone in-house that is technical so their maintenance plan is a must for us. Whenever we need help, they are there to support us and I never feel like the meter is running! We have probably thrown more challenges at them than they typically get and they always find a way. Our most current project with Dev2Host has been live for a few years, but we have worked on other projects with them over the last 20 years.

Jacqueline McClure

The best web hosting and development team around

Woo Commerce eCommerce Website - Spectra USA

February 12, 2018 - Simply the best web hosting around. Spectra is proud to be affiliated and served by Dev2Host, can't recommend these guys enough.

Brian McLaughlin

Art & Ink Testimonial

Website Testimonial

This company has been a lifesaver. They're very thorough, efficient and always available and happy to help. Highly recommended!!

Brad Eisman

ICE Bear Inc.

Ice Bear Inc. Testimonial

I was referred to Jerry by my younger brother while I was having serious customer service troubles with our previous hosting company.
The old web development/hosting company was not returning my calls, emails and was not resolving our issues on time.

Thank goodness for Dev2host services: they redesigned our website and now host the site. I am very happy with their services and will recommend them to anyone in need of their services

ICE Bear Inc.

iMentor Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Since 2006 the iMentor has been using iWeb on a Mac to publish its bLog. Since iWeb is no longer supported by Apple i turned to dev2host for hosting my new WordPress bLog ( They helped me develop and deploy the bLog and it works and looks great. Thank you dev2host. —Rick Thues, the iMentor.

Rick Thues


cNw e-Commerce Testimonial

About a year ago I started having some major issues with the shopping cart/parts catalog and hosting company that I had worked with for several years. Rather than waiting for what would most certainly be an implosion, I started looking for someone to create something fresh and easy to work with that would fit in with my main website. I located dev2host based on a referral and shortly after the initial contact, I was comfortable enough to move forward with creating a new site, catalog and cart.

The work started right away and I never felt like I wasn't a part of the process. The end results far exceeded my expectations and all that I was looking for was included. A direct tie in with my main site visually, a beautiful shopping cart that allowed me full control to make changes, add product, descriptions and photos, a solid and secure host reacting immediately as I grew and needed more space to work with. Great communication and response. Really refreshing considering all the run around that is so common on the web these days.

The shopping cart is extremely friendly to use for my visitors and I have received countless positive feedback from both current and new customers in regards to how nice the site looks and how easy it is to work with going through a purchase.

I am really pleased and looking forward to working with dev2host into the future. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any work that you may be wanting to have done.

Matt Rambow / Colorado Norton Works, Inc.

Data Center Associates

Website Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of relying on the dev2host team since their inception. In 2003 I asked dev2host to help us develop, manage and host two business websites as well as our business Email Servers and associated security.

The value of the DEV2Hosting relationship is exceptional. On more than one occasion we’ve had issues that necessitated our contacting DEV2Hosting for support. Most of these in these in the end stemmed from either new devices being added or from problems without our own setup actions. In every instance however we’ve had immediate response, often within minutes not hours, from DEV2Hosting. Resolution has been rapid, and the support team has been exceptionally patient, flexible, and quick in helping us remedy problems that impacted our connectivity, mail systems, and web sites.

The dollar value from DEV2Hosting is exceptional and I would never consider making a change for any reason. I’m in the I.T. Service Business, and I can vouch for how rare it is to find such exceptional service management as that provided by

Dean Stoneburner

Le Gourmet Kitchen Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Having a website that reflects my business’s image is one thing. Dev2host has absolutely provided that for me. More importantly, they have created and online profile that attracts new prospects and keeps them engaged. Their efforts have driven sales to my business and is continually growing. Working with dev2host has been a pleasure and a relationship that I know will last for years. The company is easily to collaborate and is very responsive to meeting my business needs. I have not found that working with any other company.

Bruce Colucci

City Pet Food Testimonial


We are very happy with our Magento shopping cart that dev2host designed and programmed. Everything works flawlessly. The web hosting is extremely fast and reliable too. Highly recommend this company for your web design and web hosting needs.

Jeremiah Davis

Beautycann Testimonial

Beautycann - Website Testimonial

We've brought our business here for about 16 years. What we like most about Dev2Host is the fast, personal service. Their servers are very reliable and secure as well. We're never routed overseas or made to wait hours for our questions or needs to be answered. Great service and support. Highly recommended.


Consult SB Testimonial

Website Testimonial

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the team at DEV2Host. They are extremely knowledgeable about everything that’s needed to design, develop and market a website. They have a package for businesses that are small and new or well established. Mina even trained me on how to maintain the website. As soon as our company is large enough, I will hand that part over to them too. They developed my daughters website and did an excellent job. So, when I started my business I did not hesitate to use their services. Solution Based Consulting, Inc. highly recommend DEV2HOST for all of your website needs.

Nadine Luke

PureLuxe Pet Food Testimonial

Woo eCommerce Website - Pureluxepetfood

It has been a few years since I was recommended to use Dev2Host, and I could not be more pleased with their service and support. I do not know anyone else in any business segment who is more responsive than Dev2Host team. They truly are working for you and watching out for your best interest. This is one company I never worry that I am being taken advantage of as their pricing is more than fair and their service far exceeds the cost to utilize them. I highly recommend anyone to utilize their services.

Jeremiah Davis

John & Mel

dev2host testimoial from

We at spray artist have waited nearly two years to find the right person to build our website. Wow what can we say, you knew exactly what was needed and its everything we always wanted, we can’t thank you enough. We were amazed how quickly the website was done with full communication at all times throughout with dev2host.

 Thank you so much and looking forward to our future with you.

John & Mel