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WooCommerce and Magento Commerce Website Development and UX Design

WooCommerce eCommerce


WooCommerce is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin. We fully support WooCommerce. Whatever your eComerce website needs are, they can be configured using Woo and its related plugins.

Magento Commerce

If you have a large cart, with many products, we recommend using the Magento platform.

WooCommerce eCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce website solution. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is a free plugin and fully functional out of the box. Arguably, WooCommerce is the most used eCommerce website solution. At dev2host, we fully support WooCommerce eCommerce websites.

Magento eCommerce
Magento Commerce Solutions are best utilized for larger eCommerce website shopping carts. Magento eCommerce websites require more management, but if you want the best cart that exists, then Magento is the answer. We fully support Magento. We also offer Magento Commerce Maintenance Plans.

Recent eCommerce Website Examples

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eCommerce Website - Bird Supplies
eCommerce Website - Supplements
eCommerce Website - Supplemtnts and Gym
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Cyber Security

eCommerce Security

For more details, or if you have any questions about our security policies, feel free to call us (800) 790-6440 or use our secure contact form.

When owning and managing an eCommerce website, its always important to have security at the back of your mind. Orders should be checked carefully, to make sure that they are valid, amonst other things. At dev2host, we minimize eCommerce website security checks that you need to do. Our firewalls usually stop eCommerce bogus orders and bad guys immediately. You can carry on with your everyday business, while we take care of your eCommerce website needs.

Security and your privacy are of utmost importance to us. Setup web hosting now.

eCommerce Website Summary

More consumers continue to shop online due to convenience, lower prices, and more products they can select, and this is worldwide and 24/7. Web-based management systems enable owners to cut costs on operations more than a typical brick-and-mortar store. make the most out of this and save more.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? At dev2host, we specialize in WooCommerce and Magento Commerce solutions. Contact us today to get started.

eCommerce website and other website FAQ

For more information about eCommerce website development as well as other website development and our web hosting features, please check out our FAQ:

How is email junk and virus scanning managed?

You have full control of your emails from within cPanel since we use MailScanner. For more details see our tutorial here

Does web hosting include emails?

Yes, web hosting includes unlimited emails, email forwarders and auto responders.

Does hosting come with some kind of web analytics?

Yes, from within the Metrics panel within cPanel you can find very detailed web traffic analytics.

Does the hosting include cron?

Yes, all of our hosting plans come with cron control from the advanced section in cPanel.

Do you include a malware and virus scanner?

Yes every web hosting account includes a virus scanner. It is available in cPanel in the advanced panel. From there you can choose to scan your emails or your website space.

How do you manage backups?

Backups are stored locally as well as at AWS where we ensure secure encryption.
We back up all of your data daily and we retain backups for 1 month. You can download a backup from your cPanel at any time. If you need us to restore your website to an earlier time, please open a support ticket. This is service is included with all hosting plans.

Where are PHP options and settings configured?

From within your cPanel and the software panel, “Select PHP Settings”. From this area you can select your preferred PHP version as well select which extensions you would like to use.

Do you run “Elastic Search” for Magento 2+?

Yes we run Elastic Search that your Magento store can be configured to use.

Will our hosting plans work with Magento Commerce?

Magento 2.3+ requires a minimum of 2GB of ram. To run Magento on our servers it would require either our Enterprise or Mega plan.

Do you include an SSL certificate?

The Essential web hosting does not include an SSL certificate. They are $99 for 2 years. All other web hosting plans include an SSL certificate. If we are developing your website on the Essential Plan then we will provide an SSL at no cost.

Are dev2host servers PCI compliant?

Our servers and your web hosting will pass a PCI scan unless it is on one of our Virtuozzo servers.

Does hosting include a domain name?

Domain names are purchased separately unless you have MEGA hosting. If you have MEGA hosting we include a TLD for your first year. To search for your perfect domain name click here

Will my dev2host developed website work on all devices?

Yes, this is very important. We will make sure your new site works on all mobile devices including iPads, both portrait and landscape views. We do this by creating “Media Queries” for each device view.

When will I be invoiced for my new website?

If your website development invoice is less than $1000 you will be invoiced when you are happy with our work and after we put your new site live. If your website invoice is more than $1000, we will likely require “Mile Stone” invoice payments.

Do you develop Word Press websites?

Yes. These days 80% of our dev2host customers want to use the Word Press framework.

Do you develop and migrate Magento e-commerce websites?

Yes. This year we have been busy migrating Magento e-commerce sites to the latest Magento 2.3.x versions. We have a skilled team who can either develop and design your Magento 2 theme from scratch or we can install a theme that you have purchased and tweak it as needed. Our servers are setup to run Magento, deliver your content fast and are PCI compliant.

Can you do custom theme designs for Word Press?

We can definitely design your custom Word Press theme. It will be exactly how you want it from a design or functionality stand point. We have been using an open source core theme that we created and is very good for SEO. We can also install your purchased theme and help you set it up and tweak it. No Word Press job is too small.

Does dev2host provide web hosting services?

Absolutely. We started off as a web hosting company many years ago and we are still doing it. Our servers are very fast and designed to host Word Press or Magento e-commerce websites.

Do you ever have website development specials?

Every now and then we have special offers going. You can see offers here.

Can we host our website that you develop somewhere else?

For us to develop your website, it has to be hosted on our servers. We usually provide 3 months hosting at no cost for new websites or sites being transferred to us. Once we have finished your site you will have full ownership and can easily move it to another web hosting company. We are sure that you will be happy with our services though 😊

Can we transfer our website to dev2host?

Many of our customers have transferred their sites from other web hosting companies to us. If you are interested in transferring to us, then we will transfer your website at no cost and provide 3 Months free web hosting. Its an ideal time to revamp your site or do some SEO. We do SEO as well!

Can we work together on the design and development of our new website?

Absolutely, Yes. After we start your new website it will be developed on a test domain. It will be password protected so you can review and provide feedback at any time.  We encourage this.

What is the process if we would like to develop a new website with dev2host?

Each website is very different, but in general:

  • Initial preliminary discussions and guidance.
  • A detailed proposal is written based upon preliminary discussions and agreements.
  • We develop the website based upon original discussions.
  • We make any changes required and if needed during at at completion.
  • We go live when you are happy.
  • We allow 2 or 3 Months of website tweaks to make sure you are happy.

How much does it cost to make changes to my site after its completed?

Our hourly rate is $75 and we invoice in 15-minute intervals. Our goal is to build you a website that you can manage yourself, including content changes.

How is it best to monitor and communicate our web programming projects at dev2host?

Upon becoming a dev2host customer you will be able to access our secure portal where you can see tasks that are in progress as well as completed. You can also open a support ticket from the same area.

I need a domain name for my new website. Can dev2host help out?

Absolutely .com domain names cost $14.95 with us. See our domain names page to search for your perfect domain name.

Can you help us with online marketing?

Yes and no, we can advise how best to configure the content on your site for organic positioning in the search engines and take care of that for you. With regard to Google Ad, Facebook or other campaigns, we would redirect you to one of our partners.

Can you help with an e-commerce website?

We are Magento programmers and specialize in Magento e-commerce solutions. Magento is hands down the best e-commerce solution. We can develop custom themes as well as install purchased themes. Our servers are PCI compliant and designed to deliver Magento quickly. Here are a few Magento shopping carts we have developed lately:

If you need a lightweight e-commerce solution we recommend Woo-Commerce using the Word Press framework.

Can you work with us on payments for our new website?

If you need a website and cant get the funds together we can discuss putting you on a Monthly payment plan. Not a problem.

Will you maintain our website for us once its been developed?

We will complete service and plugin updates for your new website for the first 2 Months. Usually after we train our customers how to use their new website they are able to manage it. Some customers don’t have enough time to manage their sites so we have some website maintenance plans. WordPress and Magento maintenance plans.