If you’re here looking to grow your business online or through social media, you’re in the right place. There’s a variety of solutions that a marketing agency can assist your company, small business, or brand. Whether you’re looking to generate more conversions & traffic on your website, run paid ads to promote products & services, or a combination, we specialize in creating strategy plans curated to fit the needs of your business and surpass your desired goals. To determine whether or not it’s  time to utilize our services, there’s a few questions you should ask yourself:

Does Your Business Stand Out in the Industry?
First, take a look at your competitors. Are they continually out-performing your business? If you’re noticing that others in the industry have more traffic and online engagement despite your efforts, it’s time to hire an expert. It’s likely your business has already been losing customers to competitors if your marketing efforts aren’t generating the same results as theirs. If your online traffic and engagement is about the same, you still may want to hire out. Strategic marketing services from an agency and high-quality content can easily set your business ahead, without too much money or your own time invested.

Is Your Business on Social Media?
If you don’t have at least 1-2 optimized social media pages for your business, you’re already behind. If your business at least has one type of page on social media, but rarely post or put the time in to grow your following, you need to hire out. With the proper optimization, content, and target audience, social media marketing is a guaranteed strategy to generate more awareness, customers, and sales for your business.

Is Social Media Intimidating and Overwhelming for You?
If the thought of trying to figure out how to run a social media page makes you want to run for the hills, it’s time to hire out. Simply setting up a page and posting whatever you please, will not get the results for your business if you don’t have the proper strategies in place. With constant new features and updates that social media companies release, it’s best to get help from experts who stay up to date with trends and the best strategies to properly market your business.

Are You Willing To Invest in Your Business?
If your business has a tight budget, it may not be time to hire out. Marketing services aren’t free, but are extremely worth the investment. Maintaining a strong Brand identity, continuous engagement, and developing a loyal follower base will generate growth and revenue for your business in the long run. If you can’t afford it quite yet, placing a small percentage of savings aside every month will eventually give you the ability to hire out.

Are You Busy or Overwhelmed as It is?
Running a business is no easy feat, and there’s a reason why many companies have a team dedicated solely to marketing. Using the proper marketing strategies to successfully promote your business takes a lot of time, learning, and practice. If you’re struggling to keep up as it is, it’s time to hire out so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. With affordable packages, Saltwater Media will give your business the attention and expertise it deserves to successfully drive more traffic and conversions, all without the costs of hiring on a full-time employee!

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Facebook and Instagram Packages
  3. Paid Advertising & Organic Posts
  4. Strategy Plans
  5. Google PPC Advertising
  6. Content Creation
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Product Photography & Editing
  9. Blog Writing
  10. Copywriting
  11. Google My Business Optimization
  12. Yelp Business Optimization


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