You can transfer your domain name to dev2host. We allow incoming domain transfers of the following domain extensions:







If you wish to transfer a different domain extension to your account with us please open a support ticket.

The domain name transfer is a pretty simple process, although certain things must be in place before a transfer can begin. We charge $35 per a domain name transfer. The $35 will add one year on to the life of the domain name during the transfer process. For example if your domain name is going to expire Jan 1st 2025, then after the transfer process is complete the expiration date will be Jan 1st 2026.

It is important that your domain name contact info or DNS has not been updated 90 days prior to the transfer or the transfer will fail. We are not able to transfer a domain name to your account with us if it is less than 90 days old.

Pre-Transfer Process:

- You must make sure there have been no domain name changes for 90 days.

- You must make sure that your domain name is “Unlocked” at your current registrar.

- You must make sure that you have an EPP code from your existing registrar. By law you current registrar must provide an EPP code and it should be available in your control panel at your with them.

Transfer Process:

You can initiate a domain transfer process to your account with us by clicking here: (You will be prompted to enter your EPP code and can go through the checkout process).

- You can also login to your account with us and open a support ticket if you need us to initiate the transfer for you.

- Once the transfer process has started, you will receive 2 emails at the email on record (whois) for your domain. One email will be from us stating you must approve the transfer by clicking an approval link. The other email will be from your existing registrar (for example Go daddy) and it will have a link to click if your do not want to transfer (ignore that email and don’t click the link). Always check your spam folder for these emails.

- The transfer can take up to 10 days.

Post Transfer Process:

- After a successful transfer you will be able to manage the domain in your account with us and you should login and make sure all of your contact info is up to date.

Make sure your domain has 1 year added to its life.

- 1 year after the transfer your domain name will renew at the annual renewal price (for example .com is $14.95/ yr).

- If you are interested in having "Privacy" added to your domain name contact us. We can hide your whois information and protect you from spammers and predators.

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