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Data Security

At dev2host we take security very seriously. Our server firewalls are set up with slightly tighter security policies than most hosting companies. You can rely on us to keep the bad guys out.

We run the Apache Mod_security module along with proprietry “rules” that immediately lockout the bad guys.

Our Email System is PCI compliant. We include un-limited secure email accounts and forwarders with each hosting account.

All websites and web hosting plans include an SSL Certificate.

eCommerce Website Development

Background Screening

We host and manage the Genesis Background Screening website. We are fortunate to have this company as one of our customers.

We use Genesis Background Screening services. We highly recommend using this company should you need screening services. Discounts are provided if you come from dev2host.

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Web Design

Manage all your HR processes in one place. We can customize your website according to your needs and get your Recruitment Management System to work seamlessly for you. Save time, minimize hiring costs, and access the diverse pool of potential employees that you’re looking for.